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Windward Side Bookcover for Amazon Kindle 09_2022 v3.jpg

An English police officer is found murdered in a luxury hotel in Hawaii. The Honolulu Police Department is investigating the crime, and the London police have sent one of their own officers to assist them. Detective Lauren Bradley began her career as a police officer in Honolulu many years before but left the force suddenly due to an unpleasant incident. Against her will she is ordered to return the Pacific Island where she must confront her past and her hostile Hawaiian colleagues. These include her former lover Kalei, who is now in charge of the investigation. The hunt for a murderer in paradise begins.


Every year millions of visitors travel to Hawaii to enjoy their dream vacation. But these sunny tropical islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean also have a darker side that the casual tourist seldom sees. The beautiful beaches and romantic sunsets conceal deadly crimes, bitter power struggles and dark secrets.

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Available as Kindle eBook     $4.99


Available as Paperback          $12.99

ISBN: 979-8351841-496

228 pages         

Windward Side is also available in German language in your favorite book store 

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